The Confessions of a Test Driver title evolved from several other titles that I discarded, such as Secrets of a Test Driver, Test Driver, Testing Times, and Life in the Fast Lane. That last title has previously been employed by Boris Johnson and by Eddie Irvine. It has also been used on a classic rock record album. Then there is Steve Matchett’s use of Life in the Fast Lane for the story of the Benetton Grand Prix Year. And no doubt there are many similar examples of employing well used words.

The next time you are near some bookshelves see what catches your eye. Books that do, will have had clever marketeers. As previously mentioned, I am currently at a loss for a title for my history book/screenplay that is based on a true story. It includes amazing adventures from 1911 to 1948. It highlights the struggles of my grandparents, my parents, and their generation; a specific generation that traversed Europe during two world wars.

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