Improving man and machine

My objective is to help you achieve your motorsport goals. I work with drivers of all abilities with optional data-logging to analyze technique and provide mentoring, especially in historic racing.

Motorsport Coaching

Licenced MS UK Motorsport Coach with an OFQUAL Level 2 Certificate for Performance Motorsport

Race Instructor

ARDS Class A Race Instructor Licence, International Race Licence - Active in motorsport for over 50 years

Set-up consultant

Qualified mechanical engineer C&G Part2. Professional test driver who has built many race winning cars

Set-up Consultancy

Your race car may be superbly prepared by a top race team, but unless it is regularly track-tested and set-up by a professional test driver, it may not be performing at its best. Navigate the website for Race History, Cars Raced and Cars Tested to understand Roberto’s Experience.

Roberto works in partnership with individuals, teams or preparers to assess and adjust your car so you get the most from it. Roberto offers a rare and unrivalled combination of racecraft and engineering.

David Fenn

David Fenn

Chief Executive British Accreditation Bureau

“My Son and I first contacted Roberto for driver training over 3 years ago. The results were instant and remarkable. His patient, friendly and professional tuition soon saw our lap times tumble. We are now safer, faster and braver! The unexpected bonus was gaining access to Roberto’s car set-up knowledge and experience. Given my Son and I now race a mid-engined car, this has proved the difference between a tail-happy beast and a class winner!”

Michael O’Shea

Michael O’Shea

Maserati Club

"Roberto explains his racing technique in a logical way that enables his client to build up his confidence and reduce his lap times whilst improving his car control. Setting up a car is a highly complex art that requires years of mechanical knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the car and in my experience very few racing drivers ever master this art. Roberto is one of the few.”

Confessions of a Test Driver


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Titles and front covers are key marketing criteria for selling books. Marketing is a vital tool for any business, and I am no marketeer. I have several time-consuming activities: motoring journalist, mechanical engineer, property maintenance, Read more…

Book Titles

The Confessions of a Test Driver title evolved from several other titles that I discarded, such as Secrets of a Test Driver, Test Driver, Testing Times, and Life in the Fast Lane. That last title Read more…

Future Books

I am halfway through a history book that would make a great screenplay. It is based on a true story from 1911 to 1948. I have yet to think of a title. Anyway, I had Read more…


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