I am halfway through a history book that would make a great screenplay. It is based on a true story from 1911 to 1948. I have yet to think of a title. Anyway, I had to put it on hold to write Confessions of a Test Driver. I also have two other books in mind for the future. My son Niki suggested an guide of how to progress from driving too fast on the road, to how to get the best from trackdays – and for the seriously committed – how to enjoy real motor racing. No title name has been decided yet, but initially, something like Trackday to Raceday springs to mind. A third book will be a long time coming as I am still busy with racing.

This book will be about the design of countless objects in our everyday lives. During my engineering studies and engineering apprenticeship I spent three years in a design and drawing office. Spending years in the company of my friend, the late – and renowned – furniture designer Peter Crutch also helped. The thing that interests me most about design, is bad design. However, writing about the negative is unpopular. Therefore, this book will be a light-hearted poke at dodgy designs called, The Advantages of Bad Design.

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Roberto Giordanelli

A London-based Motorsports Coach offering one-to-one courses at a circuit of your choice in your road or race car.